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Trikonasana by dr Geetah Iyengar

Posted on apr 25, 2014 in Yoga Information for you

Lesson by dr Geetah Iyengar sml

With this video, recorded in India in 2009, we wanted to give a taste of the uniqueness of Dr. Geeta S Iyengar’s teachings. Not so so many have the opportunity to go to India and experience the Living Tradition of Iyengar Yoga as teach by the Masters themselves.
Notice how Dr. Iyengar bring to her teaching of Trikonasana the concept of Ekagrata (one pointedness of the mind). To quote her brother, Yoga Master Prashant Iyengar:
“the mind needs to be taught the pose since the mind has to assume the pose too.”

You can watch the video here:

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