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About me

Margarita Gomez

I started with classes in Astanga – Vinyasa Yoga and from my first class, I realized
that YOGA was what I was looking for! I noticed after every class that I was filled with a sense of happiness.

With yoga I began my real journey into the body, mind and breath connection. I completed the three-year Introductory course at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Amsterdam, taught by Cle Souren, Charles Hond, and Annemieke Post.  During this period of deep practice I started to see and feel the change in the structure of my bones.  I have a torsi scoliosis in my lumbar area and also in my thoracic spine. Due to regular practice of Yoga I have achieved an enormous change to the condition of my spine.  Years ago I also had meniscus surgery for both knees and they become much more stable and strong through my yoga practice.

I gained so much power, flexibility, resistance and balance in my body and that also created a great transformation in my daily life.
The practice of  Yoga has not only changed my physical body, but it has also helped me to control my emotions and to improve my outlook on life.  I feel my practice has made me a moderate and ambitious woman of patience, tolerance, compassion, and confidence.

iyengar-yoga-certified-teacherI started with yoga in 1998. And have continued to study the art, science and philosophy of yoga from 2006 uptil now. I teach also for many years now. I have completed the training courses for the Intermediate Junior I, II, and III at the Iyengar Yoga School of Zeeburg,  taught by Berber Schonholzer.

I hold the following certifications:

Introductory  I- II    2006-2009
Intermediate Junior I  2010-2011
Intermediate Junior II 2011-2012
Diploma Yin Yoga (YGTT3) 2016
Module 1-2-3-4 of the YOGA SUTRAS PHYLOSOPHY COURSE OF PATANJALI in Utrecht by Gitte Bechsgaard and Sheila Haswell.
Therapeutic module 1 with Stephany Quirk in Dublin.

Furthermore, I frequently follow international trainings and workshops from: Stefanie Quirk, Lois Steinburg and Patricia Walden, Them Faeq Byria, Doug Keller  and many other teachers.

Beeld van Ramamani bij het Iyengar Instituut in Puna, IndiaIn February 2013 I followed yogaclasses with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.

Yoga is part of my life.

Magarita Gomez