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The requirements of the classes.

About the requirements of the classes.

Do wear comfortable clothing.
Yoga is done with an empty stomach. Therefore a light snack should be eaten at least 2 hours before practice and a meal 4 hours before practice to leave the body feeling comfortable.
Drink enough till half an hour before class.
To drink during class is not recommendable to not disturb the process of cleanliness of the body. After 15 minutes when the class is finished you can drink again to support the cleaning process of the body. If you sweat a lot it is recommendable to take a little towel with you.
We are bare foot, so take care that your feet are clean and also the whole body, so we won’t disturb the others with smells.

The open classes are not advisable for people with:
heart problems, hight blood pressure, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy. When you have above mentioned issues you need special attention, this mean that you need special classes to follow.

If you have any questions please ask in the lesson or email me about this.